A GreenPrint for Minnesota

Green Print imageA GreenPrint for Minnesota: State plan for environmental education for 2008-2018 was developed by the Environmental Education Advisory Board. It’s designed to serve environmental educators and professions who provide funds, develop programs, support efforts, and set policies that affect environmental education in Minnesota.

The first edition of GreenPrint was published in 1993 and the PDF iconsecond edition in 2000. Minnesota has a strong history of environmental education, and the state plan is written to advance the state goals for environmental education and guide users to the goal of achieving environmental literacy for all Minnesotans.

The GreenPrint has four targeted outcomes meant to guide EE efforts: 

  1. Minnesotans have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to make individual and collective lifestyle choices that support a sustainable environment.
  2. Environmental education in Minnesota is of the highest quality and is ensured through the development of standards and common definitions.
  3. Minnesota academic standards include benchmarks from the Minnesota Environmental Literacy Scope and Sequence across all disciplines and grade levels.
  4. Minnesota has a dedicated sustainable funding mechanism for environmental education of all ages and audiences

Download PDF iconGreenPrint3.pdf