Big news! SEEK is on the move

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Begining October 2017, the SEEK website will be run by the Minnesota Association for Enviornmental Education


St. Paul, MN (October 18, 2017)--We have big news! SEEK has an exciting new future as a part of the Minnesota Association for Environmental Education (MAEE).

SEEK stands for Sharing Environmental Education Knowledge and serves classroom teachers, naturalists, and non-formal educators in Minnesota. The website went online in 1996 and was housed and funded for many years by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

It is our pleasure to announce that MAEE will be keeping all the features you love about SEEK, with a focus on adding  even more jobs, grants, and environmental education news for our community.

You can find it all at

The user experience on the SEEK website will be seamless and easy, but we are sure you have questions. The nuts-and-bolts of this transition are spelled out below.

Join us in celebrating and supporting SEEK's new home at the MAEE!


Questions and Answers

Will the SEEK web address change?

Yes. The new web address is We'll make sure the old site redirects you to the new site for at least a year.

I think I'm a SEEK partner--how do I login to add content to the site?

SEEK partners are listed on the webpage under the "partners" tab. All partners have one or more user names. Your user name and login will remain the same. If you need to know your user name and the associated email address for login, please write to SEEK partners can add resources and calendar events to the web page. Other content--such as job postings or press releases--should be emailed to

What will happen to the SEEK bulletin?

We encourage all subscribers of the SEEK bulletin to sign up for the MAEE monthly bulletin. The SEEK bulletin will be discontinued. We cannot add your name for you--YOU must do it. The MAEE monthly bulletin includes information about networking events, conferences, grants, jobs, and other SEEK content.

What will happen to the SEEK Facebook page?

We will be closing the MPCA's SEEK Facebook page. We invite you to follow MAEE on Facebook and Twitter where new content on SEEK will be posted and shared.

Who is the Minnesota Association for Environmental Education?

The mission of the MAEE is to support and advance environmental education throughout the state. MAEE strengthens the role of education as a solution to our environmental and societal challenges. They serve environmental education (EE) professionals, students, K-12 educators, and their allies. Check out their website!

How can I help SEEK and MAEE?

MAEE is an all-volunteer organization. They need your help with the SEEK website, networking events, conferences, or other work of the organization. Let's work together to advance environmental education! Volunteering details are on the MAEE website.

Who can answer my additional questions?

You can send questions MAEE at or the MPCA at If you aren't sure who the question is for, please write to both addresses and we will answer the questions together.