Camp Caretaker

Smokey Timbers Camp
Volunteer Opportunities - Short Term
Miltona, MN

Camp Caretaker

Volunteer Position
Smokey Timbers Camp

Lake Miltona

15567 Smokey Timbers Rd. NE  Miltona, MN 56354

Contact: Jack Anderson at or 320-766-5290

Availability: June - September
Suitability: Adults, especially Retirees or Summer-free  
Difficulty: Not Difficult for Handy, Outdoor Recreation savvy, People Oriented Individuals

Job Description:
This position is on the shores of beautiful Lake Miltona, a pristine lake located near Alexandria in west-central Minnesota. As an “on-site volunteer,” primary duties are maintaining the camp’s grounds and doing light facility and equipment maintenance and repair as necessary. The Caretaker is expected to recommend the purchase of supplies and equipment.  Purchases, however, require the prior approval of a Board member.  Light facility upkeep duties around the campground such as litter pickup, stocking supplies, assuring that all buildings are clean and presentable, and that garbage containers are in place for weekly pickup are shared with the Host. Tasks that the Host and/or Caretaker are not able to physically do or have the skills to do are referred to the Smokey Timbers Board.  The Caretaker is expected to cheerfully and respectfully interact with camp guests.

Duties may also include readying equipment for guest use, helping to prepare for special events, or helping to construct temporary displays and exhibits.

Volunteers at the Camp are expected to model responsible camping practices by observing all rules and practicing good camper etiquette and housekeeping in their personal areas.  

The volunteer may also perform any or all of the following duties in the course of completing their work. These duties are secondary to the primary duties.

  • Performing roving contact throughout the facility.
  • Advising campers of rule/etiquette noncompliance – enforcement referred to Camp Directors or Law Enforcement
  • Assisting with occasional special events.
  • Assisting, as needed, with basic emergency response



Extensive camping experience, prior significant interpersonal responsibilities, involvement in youth leadership and programming, and a demonstrated respect for environmental issues are highly desirable. Prior to commencement of a working relationship, a background check will be required.

A commitment of at least 4 consecutive weeks during the period of availability is expected. Volunteers may stay longer, even throughout the entire season, if mutually acceptable.

A variety of Caretaker accommodations is possible, including a private campsite with water and electric hookup, a personal room, or perhaps even an off-site accommodation.  All possibilities are open to discussion and consideration.

Training is provided for every volunteer who comes to Smokey Timbers. We ensure that each volunteer feels comfortable with all aspects of their responsibilities and that they have appropriate backup for any eventuality.

Additional Considerations:

  • The present level of activity at Smokey Timbers is typically not continuous throughout the week.  Volunteers usually have considerable time to pursue other interests – personal recreation, individual studies, alternative employment, program development, etc.
  • Combining this position with other responsibilities at the Camp is open to discussion.    


If performance of duties is deemed to be unsatisfactory, the deficiencies will be expressed to the Caretaker volunteer and, depending on severity or response, termination of the agreement and vacation of the premises may be necessary.  Determination is at the sole discretion of the Smokey Timbers Foundation Board.


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