River's Edge Academy
Jobs - Full Time
St. Paul, MN


=====[ LOCATION ]===== 
River's Edge Academy
188 West Plato Boulevard
St. Paul, MN 55107

=====[ POSITION CONTACT ]===== 
Meg Cavalier
Cavalier (will not display)

=====[ CATEGORIES ]===== 

=====[ ATTRIBUTES ]===== 
Grades: 9
Grades: 10
Grades: 11
Grades: 12
Health Insurance: Included
Minnesota Teacher's License: Not Required
Work Commitment: Full-Time

=====[ SUBMITTED DATE ]===== 

=====[ DEADLINE ]===== 

Contact the Position Contact directly.

=====[ JOB DESCRIPTION ]===== 
To assist special education staff and students with activities related to program and/or individual goals and objectives.

=====[ QUALIFICATIONS ]===== 
College Degree
Flexibility to work with different situations, one-to-one, small and large groups, multiple settings.<br />
Tactful and effective with teachers, as well as students with disabilities and their families.<br />
Acceptance of students&rsquo; disabilities and limitations.<br />
Ability to cope with change at short notice and with mental and emotional stress of the position.<br />
Good language, math and reading skills.<br />
Skilled in use of computer (google apps).<br />
Adaptability for directed and independent work.<br />
Accepts direction from supervising teacher(s).

Rivers Edge Academy is a charter high school in St. Paul. Students engage in place-based education that emphasizes hands-on real world learning experiences to increase academic achievement and build environmental stewardship.

Please submit a cover letter, resume, three references and copy of Minnesota teaching license to Dr. Meg Cavalier, Executive Director Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.