Paraprofessional/classroom assistant; special education

Natural Science Academy
Jobs - Part Time & Seasonal
St. Paul Park, MN

Position: Paraprofessional/classroom assistant; special education

Hours per day: 7.0

Expected Start Date: 8/28/2019

Natural Science Academy is seeking a paraprofessional to perform daily responsibilities as listed below under responsibilities. NSA is a K-5 elementary charter school located in St. Paul Park, MN. NSA has a natural science focus in all classes with a healthy mix of classical/direct instruction, project-based learning, and experiential education. We are seeking paraprofessionals to work in multiple classrooms, with multiple students throughout the school day. The school day goes from 9:20 am – 3:50 pm with support staff hours of 8:30 am – 4:00 pm. NSA provides competitive paraprofessional pay and benefits to those who work full time.


* Basic child development educational background or knowledge preferred.

* Willingness to work with and show respect for students with special needs.

* Able to work independently.

* Demonstrated communication skills, patience, and flexibility.

* Experience with special education students including EBD, LD, DCD, and ASD.

* Ability to maintain confidentiality.

* Ability to follow teacher’s plan and direction, and communicate effectively with students, staff, and parents.

* Preferred 2 or 4-year college degree


* Assist classroom teacher in providing instruction and managing student educational programming.

* Adapt instructional materials, equipment, or strategies, under the direction of the teacher or other professionals, to provide differentiated instruction, accomplish objectives and meet student needs.

* Implement charting, data collection, paperwork preparation, and other monitoring techniques to ensure student success in a variety of areas, such as behavioral, social, and educational.

* Assist licensed staff in the implementation of classroom management and behavioral interventions, creating an environment appropriate for learning.

* Utilize proactive behavior management techniques, reinforcing positive behaviors, utilizing de-escalation techniques, and redirecting inappropriate behaviors. May be required to use physical restraints.

* Assist students in their daily routines, including escorting students during arrival and departure and to special classes or therapy, providing supervision in school areas such as lunch, the playground or gym, and at school related activities off site.

* Facilitate activities with a student or small group under the direction of the teacher, therapist or other related services staff.

* Assist students with developing appropriate social skills and behavior, through a variety of methods including modeling, lessons, incentive plans, and charting.

* Help to maintain safety of all students and the environment.

* Collaborate with related service personnel, teachers, fellow assistants, and other program/school staff in order to meet the needs of students and maintain a positive work environment for all.

* Participate in training/in-service as assigned, in accordance to the work agreement.

* Performs other job-related duties, as assigned.

Natural Science Academy

920 Holley Ave. Ste. 3

St. Paul Park, MN 55071

Job Type: Full-time


If interested, please send a resume and cover letter to