Volunteer at the 2018 Eco Experience nature play area

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Volunteer Opportunities - Short Term
St. Paul

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is seeking volunteers for the nature play area at the Eco Experience during the Minnesota State Fair. Support the nature play area and inspire families to include more nature play in their lives at home!


Volunteer job description


  • Engage with families
  • Ensure safety
  • Basic daily open/close routine

Time commitment

  • One 4-hour shift, plus your travel time to the State Fair
  • Shifts are 9a.m.-1p.m., 1-5 p.m. or 5-8 p.m., August 23 through September 3
  • Email communication with the nature play volunteer coordinator (Britt Gangeness) 

Support and training

  • There will be email communication about your responsibilities and shift
  • The building manager of the Eco Experience is available for any questions while on site 


  • One ticket to the Minnesota State Fair
  • An Eco Experience t-shirt (unless you choose to wear a shirt representing your organization)
  • The opportunity to distribute a flyer about your organization while on site


How to sign up

Contact Britt Gangeness at britt.gangeness@state.mn.us or 651-757-2262

More about the Eco Experience nature play area

The Eco Experience is presented by the Minnesota State Fair and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).  Fireflies Play Environments, Landscape Renovations, and Crows Nest Design have created an open-ended, creative, and beautiful adventure playground at the Eco Experience.  The MPCA is coordinating volunteers for this area.
Experience a pop-up adventure playground
Pop-up adventure playgrounds are free, public celebrations of child-directed play, stocked with loose parts (such as cardboard boxes, fabric, tape and string) and staffed by playworkers.  An introductory version of the classic adventure playground model, they gently introduce themes of risk and freedom by welcoming people of all ages and abilities to play together. (Source: http://popupadventureplay.org/)
In the pop-up adventure playground, children are free to build their own structures, tear them down, climb, create. They are encouraged to take calculated risks in order to learn resilience, grit, and problem-solving skills. They become engineers, scientists, planners, architects and more.
Hammocking--The Magic World of Hammocks!
Young children need to explore movement and gravity—including swinging—for healthy brain development.  Older children and adults are encouraged to spend more time outside if there are comfortable spaces to gather and socialize. Hammocks are an easy way to add quiet places for reflection and relaxation. We’ve added some hammocks to the play area this year.
Pretend Play with the Sand Cafe, Dead Log Ship, Tee-Pees and Fairies
Fireflies PlayEnvironments and Crows Nest Design are adding new, imaginative elements to the sand and water areas, including a simple wooden structure for kitchen play and a sail on their Dead Log Ship.







Britt Gangeness, britt.gangeness@state.mn.us, 651-757-2262