Landscape Revival Native Plant Expo & Market

Saturday, June 2, 2018


What?  Native plants support bees, butterflies, birds, clean water, and resilient landscapes! Expo: Learn about native plants and their many benefits from conservation organizations. Market: Purchase plants native to Minnesota and accessories from a variety of local growers. No cultivars, no systematic insecticides. 


Where? Shoreview: June 2nd, 9am-1:30pmShepherd of the Hills Church3920 Victoria Street N,Shoreview, Minnesota 55126 


Why? Many of us don’t think about choosing plants that are native to Minnesota when we plan our yards and gardens. We select plants for their color, their hardiness or how quickly they can help us forget the cold, dark days of winter. But by choosing native plants—plant species that have grown in this area for hundreds of years and are thus well adapted to our weather and soil conditions—we can create spectacularly beautiful gardens that also support wildlife and protect our waters. Bees, butterflies, birds and other wildlife are quickly losing their habitat as land on the edges of cities, towns, and farm fields is developed or plowed under. Water also changes how it moves over a developed landscape, sending more polluted runoff into our lakes and streams. Native plants provide the wildlife we love with the food and habitat they need to thrive. Native plants also put deep roots into the soil, limiting erosion, requiring less irrigation, and directing runoff into the ground where it can be cleaned and cooled naturally. Begin creating your wildlife oasis by talking to professionals at the Landscape Revival. You can start small. The beauty you discover will make you want more! 


Who?  Landscape Revival is organized by volunteers, and sponsored by St. Paul Audubon Society, Wild Ones, Blue Thumb, the Shepherd of the Hills Church, and the cities of Shoreview and Oakdale. Visit our website to see a list of exhibitors and growers for each Revival! Native growers participating in the sale do not use systemic pesticides.