IBP Bird Banding Course - Beginning

Friday, June 22, 2018 to Friday, June 29, 2018

The seven-day introductory course is designed to provide both amateur birders and professional biologists with the skills necessary to participate in monitoring and research programs involving bird banding.

 Skills taught include:

  • Operation of mist-nets and safe extraction of birds
  • Bird-handling skills
  • In-hand ageing and sexing techniques
  • Scoring and recording data using MAPS protocol and forms

Lectures and discussions cover:

  • Banding ethics
  • Avian life histories, energetics, molts, and plumages
  • The permitting process
  • The role of banding in research and monitoring


Sign up through Wolf Ridge ELC.

Specific course details can be found at the Institute for Bird Populations website. 

For more information about course content please contact the instructor Danielle Kaschube (dkaschube@birdpop.org).