About SEEK

Welcome to SEEK (Sharing Environmental Education Knowledge), the home of Minnesota’s environmental education (EE) resources. SEEK partners organizations engage in environmental education and provide EE resources and/or services and include zoos, aquariums, schools, colleges, government agencies, nature centers, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

Initial funding for SEEK was approved by the Minnesota Legislature in 1995, and SEEK went online in 1996. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency ran SEEK from 1996-2017. Today, SEEK is housed and funded by the Minnesota Association for Environmental Education (MAEE)

Environmental education is critical to students and to society. Research across the country has demonstrated that student achievement improves when the environment is integrated into learning, in reading, math, and other subjects. In addition, people that participate in nature-based activities as children are more likely behave in ways that protect the environment. SEEK’s goal is to support and serve as a resource for environmental educators.

Site guidelines

SEEKS strives to present information on this site with a positive and constructive tone. Those posting information and resources on this site should avoid:

  • Partisan activities, items of personal rather than community interest, organizing for political campaigns, and promoting specific legislative language and initiatives (although objective education about controversial topics may be appropriate).
  • Language that is disparaging to others based on their race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, disability, public assistance status, veteran status, or sexual orientation.
  • Language that may be considered as offensive, blaming, threatening, promoting violence, or pornographic.
  • Activities which are not of general interest to those interested in environmental education.
  • Commercial or other activities not closely related to environmental education as described above.

The site coordinator reserves the right to reject or remove information that does not fit the guidelines or spirit of this web site. The MAEE makes no representation as to the accuracy of all of the information on this site, but do promote the inclusion of accurate information. The MAEE also does not necessarily agree with or endorse all content on the SEEK site. Content of independent web sites accessible by link from this site is in no way endorsed as to content or accuracy by the MAEE, and MAEE bears no responsibility for the content of these sites.

Contact Us

If you would like to suggest a resource for inclusion on the SEEK website, please email this to the SEEK Coordinator at info@minnesotaee.org.  For more information or questions, comments, or reference to possible omissions or errors to, please contact:

SEEK Coordinator
3815 American Blvd. East
Bloomington, MN 55425
612-354-MAEE (6233)